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About the CT Law Enforcement Memorial

In 1985 members of the Connecticut Police Chief's Association formed a statewide committee to ensure that a permanent memorial would be erected to honor all officers local, state and federal who had lost their lives while serving the citizens of the State of Connecticut.

In 1989 after four years of fund raising efforts, the first pieces of granite began to arrive at the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden. After several months of construction and years of raising the necessary funds the Memorial was dedicated in October 1989.

The Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial is a fitting tribute and a constant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that law enforcement officers make on behalf of everyone.

Chief Daniel Hayes, Ansonia, 12-07-1880 LT. Kenneth W Stevens, State Police, 06-06-1944 Officer James Spignesi, Conn DEP, 11-20-1998
LT. William S Gordon, Norwich, 07-07-1881 Off. William V. Tickey, Bridgeport, 05-20-1946 Officer Brian Aselton, E-Hartford, 01-23-1999
Off. Thomas Cummims, New Haven, 11-26-1855 Off. William F Schreiber, Stratford, 07-31-1946 Sgt. George R Dingwall, Middletown, 01-28-2000
Chief Louis Drucker, New Canaan, 01-25-1888 LT. Frank A Starkel, State Police, 07-19-1948 Officer Joseph N. Sachatello III, Montville, 01-23-2003
Off. Patrick McGovern, New Haven, 07-07-1901 Sgt. William Grabeck, New Britain, 11-05-1951 Master Police Officer Peter J. Lavery, Newington,12-30-2004
Off. Hugh McKeon, New Haven, 07-31-1901 Tpr. Ernest J Morse, State Police, 02-13-1953 Officer Daniel P Picagli, New Haven, 10-21-2006
Off. Paul Mendelssohn, Waterbury, 03-10-1903 Det James J Butler, Greenwich, 01-18-1954 Sgt. Dario S Aponte, New Haven , 09-10-2008
Off. Ellsworth G Dietz, Bridgeport, 03-08-1910 Det. Ralph Palma, New Haven, 06-13- 1954 Sergeant Orville Smith, Shelton 07-07-2010
Off. Patrick B Driscoll, Jewett City, 02-16-1913 Off. Joseph Pych, Enfield, 12-25-1954 Trooper First Class Kenneth Hall, State Police 09-02-2010
Off. Danial J Lane, Waterbury, 08-07-1913 Charles Yodkins, St.Farminton, 08-19-1955
Det. Bennett W Donnan, New Haven, 11-01-1915 Robert J Keating, Danbury, 10-16-1955
Const. Robert Kappenburg, East Hartford, 1916 Agent Richard P Horan, F.B.I, 04-18-1957
Off, John E Durkin, New Haven, 11-02-1918 David D Troy, Stamford, 07-07-1960
Const. William P Madden, Manchester, 01-30-1919 Tpr. James W Lamnert, State Police, 10-29-1960
Off. Patrick F Cannon, New Haven, 03-05-1919 Off. LeonardJ Lamanna, Waterbury, 11-18-1961
Off. Patrick I Shea, New Haven, 10-19-1919 Off. Sherrold H Gortom. Norwalk, 06-20-1962
Off. Thomas M Knevet, Hartford, 11-28-1919 Tpr. Joseph M Stoba, Jr. State Police, 08-06-1962
Insp. John J Danahue, Waterbury, 08-02-1920 Off. Henry W Jennings, Hartford, 05-25-1964
Tpr Trainee Stanley C Hellberg, State Police, 06-01-1921 Off. H.Kenneth Couch, New Milford, 06-03-1964
Tpr. Pearle E Roberts, State Police, 11-25-1922 Off.Frank Donarumo, Hamden, 07-27-1964
Sgt. John H Kane, Norwich, 04-06-1923 Off. William Rich, Shelton, 12-27-1964
Off. Lawrence Murphy, New Haven, 07-23-1924 Off. James Cavanaugh. Fairfield, 04-11-1966
Off. James Skelly, New Britain, 10-12-1924 Off. Farris J Resha, Winsted, 11-02-1966
Off. William J Stokes, Waterbury, 05-02-1925 Off. Louis P Rienzo, New Haven, 10-27-1964
Tpr. Bartholomew M Skelly, State Police, 11-14-1925 Lt. Paul J Beaupre, Bloomfield, 12-19-1967
Off. Joseph T Robbins, New Haven, 06-25-1926 Off. Joseph O'Brien, Windsor Locks, 12-24-1968
Off. James Alexander, New Haven, 10-14,1927 Off. Francis X Fenton, Hartford, 03-28-1969
Off. William W Bowman, Darien, 11-18-1927 Off. Frank T Hawley, New Haven, 01-31-1970
Tpr. Irving H Nelson, State Police, 04-06-1928 Sgt.Nicholas W Fera, Norwalk, 07-09-1971
Tpr. Lloyd J Eukers, State Police, 07-21-1928 Agent Clifford J Dielrich, Secret Service, 05-26-1973
Off. William J Robbins, Greenwich, 05-17-1929 Off. William McNamara, Stamford, 12-17-1973
Off. Raymond Zoller, West Haven, 12-28-1929 Off. John Monlabana, Trumbull, 11-02-1974
Off. James McNamee, Bristol, 01-19-1930 Tpr. Carl P Moller, State Police, 02-13-1976
Sgt. Frank Stratton, Norwalk, 10-14-1930 Off. John Daley, Hartford, 07-29-1977
Off. Matthew J McNally, Waterbury, 11-20-1930 Off. Robert M Holcomb, Plainville, 11-21-1977
Off. George Zint, Stratford, 07-12-1932 Det. Edward T Cody, Hartford, 04-16-1979
Off. Jack Palmer, Ridgfield, 07-31-1932 off. Timothy Laffin, Sr. North Haven, 05-29-1980
Tpr. Leonard H Watson, State Police, 10-22-1932 Off. Gerald DiJoseph, Bridgeport, 11-28-1980
Det. Joseph P Sullivan, New Haven, 01-23-1932 Const. Thomas D Jahelka, East Haddam, 04-07-1981
Const. Edward F Ryan, Watertown, 01-27-1933 Off. Kenneth E Bateman, Darien, 05-31-1981
Sgt. Michael J Carroll, Norwich, 12-11-1934 Off. Robert F Stankye, Orange, 09-03-1981
Off. Walter Koella, New Haven, 03-16-1935 Off. Marco Carias, Norwalk, 03-20-1982
Const. John B Decarli, Ellington, 08-31-1935 Agent Ariel Rios, ATF, 12-02-1982
Sgt. Thomas P Keamey, Bridgeport, 09-29-1935 Lt. Thomas E Carney, State Police, 12-02-1982
Off. Wilfred Walker, Bridgeport, 09-29-1935 Off. Jeffrey Casner, Berlin, 02-02-1985
Off. Frank Gwiazdowski, Norwich, 10-11-1936 Tpr. James Savage, State Police, 01-22-1986
Off. Timothy Foley, Southington, 01-04-1938 Off. Daniel S Wasson, Milford, 04-12-1987
Off. Edward H Wendland, New Haven, 05-21-1938 Off. Nelson J Belliveau, Bloomfield, 09-03-1987
Off. Andrew L Schlechtweig, Stamford, 05-26-1938 Insp. James A Buczel, U.S Customs, 10-09-1988
George D Kelley, Stamford, 07-08-1938 Tpr. Jorge A Agosto, State Police, 11-22-1989
Off. Daniel T O'Connell, New Haven, 08-15-1938 Off. Nancy E Nichols, Naugatuck, 03-17-1991
Off. James W Burns, Bristol, 05-29-1941 Tpr. Russell Bagshaw, State Police, 06-05-1991
Off. John E Palmstier, Waterbury, 07-20-1941 Off. James A Martin, New Canaan, 07-24-1991
Sgt. Charles F Hill, State Police, 11-06-1941 Aux. Tpr. Edward W Truelove, State Police, 11-13-1992
Off. Milton Hodder, Hamden, 04-22-1943 Off. Walter T Williams III, Waterbury, 12-18-1992
Tpr. Joseph P Jesmonth, State Police, 07-20-1943 Off. William Snyder, Groton City, 01-16-1994
Off. Joseph P McCormack, Greenwich, 02-09-1944 Aux.Tpr. Phillip A Mingione, State Police, 05-25-1994
Off. Ernest W Schilke Bristol, 05-17-1944\ Off. Thomas R Toohey, Hartford, 05-15-1996


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The Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial is centrally located at the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden:

285 Preston Avenue
Meriden, CT 06450-4875

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