Insurance for PAC

Dear PAC Member and Prospective Member:

The Police Association of Connecticut understands that Association Life insurance is an important part of your benefits program and wants to make sure you have the opportunity to protect your family's financial security.

We are pleased to announce that for all dues paying members of PAC, we have chosen MetLife as the new life insurance program provider. MetLife has the expertise to help you understand your life insurance needs and the financial strength that you can count on.

As a result of this change, you will benefit from the following plan and service enhancements:

  • Expanded coverage choices
  • Decreased costs compared to rates under your current program
  • Insurance Needs Analysis - allows you to consult face-to-face with a financial representative from New England Wealth Strategies, Ken Heiser, who will discuss insurance products and services available to help you determine which ones would fit your needs. Ken can be reached at: 203-222-2950.
  • Will Preparation Service** – allows you to consult face-to-face with an attorney who will complete a will for you and your spouse at no charge.
  • Access to tools to help you evaluate your life insurance needs

Research shows that the vast majority of American families do not have enough life insurance coverage*. So, even if you currently have coverage – you should take this opportunity to evaluate your needs. Your life insurance needs change when you get married, have children or purchase a home. You can estimate how much life insurance you may need by using our Life Insurance Calculator at If you are like most people and determine you need additional coverage to protect your family's financial security, you can enroll or increase your existing coverage.

* The majority of American families are underinsured * –make sure your family's financial security is protected.

(For any questions about the offerings of this plan)

Cutstomer Service- 1-800-275-4638 (1-800-ASK-4-MET) or 1-813-983-5001

You can also download information from the PAC website below

P.S. Don't miss the opportunity to help provide financial security to your family with a No-Fee Financial plan and the bonus Will Preparation Service.

To view and learn more about the Insurance, click on the links below.

* MetLife, Post 9/11/01 Study 2002. Underinsured is defined as having life insurance coverage equal to or less than 3 years of household income.

** Will Preparation is offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. In certain states legal services benefits are provided through insurance coverage underwritten by Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates, Warwick, Rhode Island. Will Preparation is subject to approval in certain states.


Enclosed you will find the newly created MetLife Beneficiary Designation Form. Previously, members who elected to update their beneficiary with MetLife would do so with the actual enrollment form.Members who are participating in MetLife should be encouraged to have a current beneficiary designation form completed.Why is this important today?

  • Important Beneficiary Letter (Beneficiary Form Cover Letter)
  • Beneficiary Designation Form (Beneficiary Designation Form)
  • Many members have not updated their beneficiary for many years and
  • Some have NO beneficiary designation form on file. Members who have continued their coverage from Cigna to MetLife have NO beneficiary designation form on file, as that information was previously maintained by Cigna and not forwarded to MetLife.

Choosing a beneficiary will ensure that benefits are paid in accordance with ones wishes. For your convenience, PAC has posted this new MetLife Beneficiary Designation Form below to download. Members may elect to change beneficiaries at any time. The member must retain a copy for their records. PAC does not maintain this information.

Chris Amatruda

To learn more and download the Form , click on the links below.